Nature is an open book

Oleaster [ oh-lee-as-ter ]: a wild olive tree cultivated in the Near East by Neolithic peoples about 10,000 years ago. Hardy, wind resistant, and tolerant of poor, dry sites.

Have you ever wondered how a tree can live for 2,500 years? Or marveled at listening to the sound a tree makes behind its bark? Tried to understand the very life of the tree surging up from the roots toward the leaves? (*)

Have you ever wondered what decisions a tree makes to survive? What makes a tree understand that the winter will be dry and decide to destroy its leaves and flowers and use its resources to develop more roots?

Most of us are enthralled by nature, fascinated by wonderful natural panoramas or marvelous animals. A few of us are trying to better understand how nature works. As they learn, their passion and dedication increase as well as their thirst for learning.

We at Oleaster had the chance to travel and visit the most beautiful olive orchards around the Mediterranean Sea and admire marvelous,centuries-old estates (including Nobleza del Sur, Castillo de Canena, Cortijoel Puerto, Olio Quattrociocchi, Segermes, and Oro del Desierto). As we were listening to visionaries and forward-looking olive oil producers with roots in tradition and a strong attachment and dedication to biodiversity and to the environment,we started to envision Oleaster.

We are three co-founders with different backgrounds,experiences, ages, and convictions but driven by the same values. Our ancestors were Jews, Muslims, and Christians. They, like us, have grown up around the Mediterranean Sea, where the olive tree is synonymous with peace, coexistence,generosity, and endurance.

As for most people, the social isolation imposed by COVID-19made the three of us change our lives and reflect on a new future. Oleaster emerged as a common vision that we wanted to share and diffuse.

Oleaster is a new paradigm that links investors to unique and passionate producers. It is a new way to consider investments so that funds bring knowledge, impact, and profit. (**)

We envision a world where retail investors can own, trade,and get returns from remarkable trees operated by passionate producers. As investors earn from nature, they learn from it. As they generate profits, they contribute to a better planet and allow unique producers to develop and expand.

We are starting with olive trees. Our intention is to diversify and offer multiple green assets investments. Starting in 2023, we plan to offer olive, avocado, and cacao trees, date palms, beehives, and coffee shrubs — always driven by learning from unique and passionate producers while positively contributing to the planet and to biodiversity.

Why the Olive Tree?

We all noticed the presence of olive leaves in the American seal and UN flag and read stories and tales about this remarkable tree.

In the plain of Pedion, in Attica, a great city rose. Athena and Poseidon were fighting over its leadership. Zeus, the father of Athena, called on Crécrops to decide between them. Crécrops reflected and asked each one to offer a gift to the city. Poseidon, sure of himself, struck a rock with his spear, causing a splendid steed to spring up. Crécrops admired the animal, its shiny coat and its spirited bearing. He then asked Athena, what was her gift? Athena struck the earth with her spear and a magnificent olive tree rose up before them. Its branches were bowing under fruits filled with a juicethat made the inhabitants of the city happy. They adopted the tree and named their city after the winner: Athens.

Later on, the olive tree became the unifying factor we know today, a symbol of peace, ambition, and social coexistence.

There are more than 2,000 varieties of known olive trees,but 85% of olive production uses only a few varieties. This focus on the most intensive and productive trees is damaging biodiversity.

However, few producers are still cultivating minority varieties, allowing the preservation of the tree’s heritage.

In this breakneck quest for productivity, a few boutique producers are winning the battle for profitability with high-end olive oil issued from organic and bio diverse properties.

Listen to them! Invest in their unique properties and joint he movement!

Welcome to Oleaster

Fares, Micael, Skander

(*) The Tree listener:

(**) “Edu-vestment” is the combination of education and investment. Why would you hold shares in an automotive or banking company, if you don’t evolve and learn from your assets?


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Nature is an open book

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