Olive Plots LLC

Olive Plots has curated, scanned, and scored over 700 olive properties worldwide, ultimately partnering with Hacienda Santa Maria to offer a first issuance of 5,203 centenary organic olive trees, generating an IRR of 15.85%. Discover our trees and offerings – your journey to sustainable investment begins here.

Investing in a centenary tree through Olive Plots

  • Selected among 700+ top award-winning Olive Oil producers
  • Trees generate annual revenue of $550 and EBITDA of $190
  • Offering 15.85% IRR paired with carbon credit
  • Earn and Learn from your investment in Nature
  • US-Based Agri Developer with Real Assets : Your investment in olive trees and premium organic olive oil, cultivated and produced in Spain, is facilitated through a US-based Agri Developer. This developer, crucially, is backed by real assets in a stable European country.
  • Hacienda Santa Maria: Optimal Performance Among 700 Properties : Hacienda Santa Maria, our selected olive tree farm, stands out as a top performer globally, scoring among the highest 700 properties. Its exceptional productivity and reliability make it the ideal headquarters for our operations.
  • Investment Tied to Productive Plots : Investments through Olive Plots are directly tied to plots at Hacienda Santa Maria, ensuring each share corresponds to an individual, highly productive olive tree. This means you invest in a remarkable tree with proven productivity.
  • Financial Returns and Dividends : Annual tree productivity should not only cover the entire operational costs of the farm but also generate dividends for investors. Additionally, investors benefit from carbon credits.
  • Impressive Investment Metrics : The offered investment boasts an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 15.85%, with our olive trees
    consistently delivering an average revenue of $550US per year—and an EBITDA of US$191. Each tree produces an average of 93 kilos of olives per year, resulting in 21 liters. Comprehensive details are available in our Business Model report.
  • Tree Health and Productivity : Each of our olive trees has around 300 years and features three trunks, spaced 14 meters apart to ensure optimal health and productivity. Rigorous due diligence by BDO and experts from the Olive School of Spain (ESAO) supports Hacienda Santa Maria commitment to excellence.
  • Strategic Location in Andalucía : Hacienda Santa Maria is situated in Jaen, Andalucía, one of Spain’s iconic regions renowned for the quality of its olive oil. The farm also holds notable olive oil tourism-related potential.
  • Sustainable Management and Impact : The cultivation and management of the trees will continue to be operated by Hacienda Santa Maria, with ongoing support and monitoring from Olive Plots. Our Impact Management System optimizes environmental and social impacts, including carbon capture evaluation.

Olive Plots

$1,200/ share – IRR 15.85% - 5,203 Trees

Invest in a US Agri developer shares linked to premium organic olive trees

Olive Plots collaborates with Republic to offer the investment opportunity. Republic, a US-based leading investment platform, selects private investments with high-growth potential across startups, gaming, real estate, and more. It boasts a community of over 3 million investors and has funded more than 2,000 companies.